Whether you are an individual, couple or have children, planning your estate now will ensure your loved ones properly receive what you intended to give them upon your death.

A will is a written, notarized document, that states, in proper legal language, your intentions as to how your property will be distributed upon your death.  Having a current will, that lists your current assets and important loved ones in your life, is critical to avoid a messy probate dispute upon your death.

In addition to the will, we draft two additional, important documents: a power of attorney and medical directive.

The power of attorney authorizes an individual to make financial decisions on your behalf in the event you become incapacitated.

The medical directive states your intentions for medical treatment when you are incapacitated, such as life-support and medication administration.


Simple Will package (will, power of attorney and medical directive) ………..$400.00

For additional information, see FAQs on Wills in Washington State.