Employment Law

We help individuals in:

  • negotiating employment contracts
  • understanding non-compete agreements
  • filing EEOC complaints
  • litigating wrongful termination claims

At-Will Employment

Unless you have an express employment contract stating the duration of your employment, and under what terms and conditions, you are employed at-will in Washington State.

At-will provides freedom for you and your employer in that you can quit the job whenever, and your employer can fire you whenever and for whatever reason, so long as not illegal.  Illegal reasons are those that are discriminatory based on gender, national origin, ethnicity, race, relgious affiliation, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, and age (if over 40 years old).

Employment Contract

The exception to firing or quitting at-will, is if you have a contract with your employer for a specific duration.  The contract governs the employment relationship.

Non Compete Agreements

Otherwise known as “NCA” may exist in an at-will employment or hire under contract.  Attorney Filutowski wrote an Avvo article about NCAs in Washington, which can be found here.