Puget Sound Winter Storm Preparedness

In light of recent extreme winds and rains, crashing trees and branches and the pond-sized roadway puddles around the Sound, individuals should take preventative measures to ensure themselves, their cars and their homes against avoidable loss and inconvenience. A great source is the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) storm preparedness website: Take Winter by Storm.

Cleaning out leave debris from storm drains and gutters, ensuring your home’s yards and condominium’s decks have effective drainage and the any roof leaks or weak siding is promptly tended to, will keep property damage to a minimum.

If a power outage hits, or roadways are unnavigable and you are stuck at the office or home, ensure you have a proper “emergency” supply of blankets, water and food.

Finally, if you suffer damage in the storm that is an insurable loss, and your insurance company is denying coverage, contact The Filutowski Law Firm for help.

Negotiating Value of Damaged Goods in Ravenna Flood

Some Ravenna residents continue to negotiate the value of their personal belongings damaged in the flood caused by the City of Seattle. The City of Seattle promptly accepted responsibility for negligently flooding Ravenna area homes. Now it’s just a discussion of money. While it may seem unfair, Washington state law provides that the value of a property damage loss claim is measured by the value of the goods immediately before the damage was done. Similar to negotiating property damage claims with an auto insurer following a collision, you can only recover the market value of your used vehicle, and no more.

However, in addition to property value, you may also recover for the loss of use of your vehicle, or in this case, the loss of use of your bed, iron, etc… The value of the loss of use claim is calculated from the date of loss to the conclusion of negotiations.

In addition to the property damage negotiations, the residents can ask the City for compensation for the pain and suffering of enduring the flood and its aftermath. This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, as it is based upon how inconvenienced and distressed the residents were by the City’s 800,000 gallons of drinking water pouring into their homes and damaging their belongings and lifestyle.

Most Homeowners and Renters Insurance policies exclude

Seattle homeowners and renters in the Ravenna neighborhood, just north of the University of Washington, experienced extensive property damage loss when the City of Seattle’s water main broke, causing over 800,000 gallons of drinking water to ; area residents’ ┬áhomes. City of Seattle has admitted liability.